What is Advisory Council?

Advisory Council s a group consisting of parents/guardians, teachers, staff and community members who meet once a month to learn about and advise the principal on things happening at the school, to learn what is happening in their school, and to influence decisions by reviewing funding, policies, practices and programs.

Why should I join Advisory Council? 

In order for a principal to make choices that serve the students, their parents and the school staff, your voice is critical to ensure the principal has necessary information to make decisions that benefit the school community. As a parent, community member or school staff member, you help bring a unique view to the table and your thoughts are essential to the deliberation of issues.  

What is the structure of the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council has a very informal structure. Anyone is welcome to be a member and the only expectation is that you regularly attend meetings. There is no limit on the number of members. Advisory Council meetings are led by a parent chairperson and the principal, and another person takes notes. 

How is Advisory Council different from SAPSA?

The Advisory Council is part of SAPSA and the chairperson is a member of the SAPSA board. Where SAPSA meetings might focus more on fundraising, coordinating volunteers, and fundraising, Advisory Council meetings are focused on budget, enrollment, and other topics directly related to what happens in the school. 

What should I expect at an Advisory Council meeting? 

At each meeting, the Advisory Council will review the previous month’s work, hear updates from the principal, and discuss at least one major issue. If applicable, each meeting will end with the creation of an action group that will do work in between meetings and report back at the next month’s meeting. This could include work on promoting a referendum, soliciting feedback from the wider community, planning information meetings, etc.